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A podcast about tech, design, side projects, and everything in between. From the latest trends in technology to the stories behind successful side-projects, this podcast covers it all. Tune in for interviews, reviews, and discussions about all things tech and design.


Get your brand in front of a highly-engaged, tech-savvy audience across different countries with a sponsorship. From the latest tech trends to successful side-projects, our podcast covers it all through interviews, reviews, and discussions about tech and design. Don't miss the opportunity to promote your message to our growing community of enthusiasts.

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  • For each sponsorship, you will receive a 1-2 minute long segment in which one of the hosts will read your ad using either a pre-written script or improvised speaking points from your bullet list.
  • Additionally, your brand will be mentioned in the show notes that will be visible on both the recursivepod.com website and in listeners' podcast clients.